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Vulnerability Assessment & Threats Analysis

Audit, Functional analysis & assessment : Identification & Priorisation of existing threats & vulnerabilities.
Detail of existing and applicable security norms & regulations.
Evaluation of the Operator’s Needs in reference with security guidelines and regulations
Determining the legal environment faced by the operator (delegation of responsibilities from the authorities, sharing of responsibilities with other operators, etc.).

Advising & Designing Recommendations

Our recommendations will include:
Organisation of the Security Department
Mode of operation of the Security Department.
Upstream an downstream Security measures to be taken
Recommendations on necessary procedures, equipment and training.

Assisting in the Implementation

Detail of Security procedures according to the Risk level (normal, warning, crisis).
Design of Training modules recommended for security agents.
Review of existing equipment and technology and defining the technical specifications & requirements for new equipment bids, taking into accounts Security Policies and Financial constraints.
Planification of the Works & Installations.
Coordination of contracting companies.
Follow-up and supervision until works completion.


Allocating Experimented coach and trainers for the training of security agents as well as agents indirectly involved in security matters.
Deploying qualitative & quantitative methodologies for training & screening of Security agents competences.

Technological & Legal Intelligence

Ongoing update on evolution of security norms and regulations
Prospective analysis of potential consequences for economic operators
Ongoing update on new Technology upgrades.

Reviews & Follow up

Reviews, for audited clients of all operational, technological and normative changes since last assessment.

Our ai mis to develop a long-term relationship with the Operator where Security concerns will be fully integrated into the Company overall Strategy.


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