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Security Policies are too often summarised into an
expense item. Security agents and departments are yet considered as cost centers per se.

However, more stringent security regulations, designed and voted by International organisations in the aftermath of September 11 till today have changed the rules of the game.

Security is no more a sole operational concern/ it has become a real economic challenge. The creation of new security standards has allowed for the development of “security ratings”.

Limited at first to the Transportation Industry (Airports, Ports), it extends rapidly to all industrial activities (industrial facilities and infrastructures).

Soon a large part of the economy and of economic Operators will have to take into account their Security ratings when dealing with Insurance companies or when intending to strengthen their image.

Security will indeed induce direct and indirect positive financial impact on the Operator activity.

This dramatic change in the role played by Security Policies pleads best in favour of a complete review, at a Strategic level of Security challenges in the corporate world.

This is GOODLAD mission to help you secure the future of your organisation.


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