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General Presentation

GOODLAD is a private entity created in 2003 by transportation (sea, air) and security experts that decided to add their competences and address the new threats born in the aftermath of September 11 events.

Business operators have to face today a rising level of threats together with stiffer international norms and regulations in term of security commitments.

This new emphasis on security concerns is changing the rules of the Business Game, apparently in contradiction with profitability objectives.

GOODLAD’s mission is to help business operators find the adapted solutions that will optimise risk level with the least impact on operations and profits.

As Compared to other security advisors, our strength and originality rests in the combination of the following competences :

A real understanding of economic rules and mechanisms that influence the regular course of Business.

An expertise in Transports activities (freight, logistics, shipping lanes, airlines, ports and airports organisation)

A deep knowledge of industrial operations, including Heavy Industrial sites, Utilities facilities (water plants, electricity, etc.) as well as High-tech industries.

And of course, Top level security expertise provided by Homeland and Military Security best specialists from around the World.


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