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Secrecy – The « E.N.D.» Commitment

In addition to official security certifications, proving our ability to handle most delicate missions and information, we have developed, at GOODLAD an “extreme non-disclosure agreement” (E.N.D.) that will ensure our clients that their knowledge and confidential information are safe with long after our intervention.

This commitment rests on the following undertakings :

All team members with no exception, Managers, officers, Consultants or employees, part or full timers have to sign a non disclosure agreement before accessing any confidential information within our Company. This non-disclosure agreement remains valid with no time limit even after they left the Company.

All information, data, maps, drawings of any kind, size and structure collected for the purpose of an ongoing assignment will stay the exclusive property of the client. Any piece of this information or the whole might be returned to the client with no delay on demand. No information will be detained by GOODLAD or any of its employees after such demand has been issued but with written consent of the client.

The Project Manager as well as Top level managers form GOODLAD will have exclusive access to the entire file for a specific mission. Every other consultant will be entitled to know only relevant information to fulfil his part of the mission. This commitment will not stand where a global understanding of the data in hand is necessary to all consultant in order to fulfil efficiently the mission.

All reports or analyses provided by GOODLAD will be saved on both physical and electronic support. Both will be totally secured. The computers used to edit the final comprehensive report will not be connected nor to the network either to the Internet.


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